The Works

In the quest for who we are, why we are here, and an understanding
of our psychological aspirations, The Works composes
images that visually provide us with positive experiences dealing with
the outer world of mankind, the self, and the movement inward toward
the spirit.
The imagery and intimacy captured on these original paintings and
drawings emanates from passions, dreams and visions creating
a powerful image, expressing inner and outer qualities in relation
with spirit, psyche, and myth. It lays the foundation for a strong
representational work of art.

Whether spiritual inspiration, humor, drama, anger, sensuality or
surrealism and fantasy we encourage the viewer to become reflective
and capture the essence of the art.


...The imagery and intimacy I capture on canvas emanates from passions in dreams and visions. Sleep, meditation, and acknowledgment of the human condition permeates these acquisitions...

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