Born: March 22, 1949

Education: 1970-1974 BFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York
1974-1976 Private Study under David Byrd

Exhibition History:

Caesarea Gallery - Boca Raton, Florida

Barry Gross Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta History Center - Atlanta, Georgia
The Lowe Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia
Caesari Gallery - Boca Raton, Florida

Trinity Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia

Barry Gross Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia

The Lowe Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia

Galleria Renata - Chicago, Illinois

Fulton County Library - Atlanta, Georgia
State Capitol of Georgia - Atlanta, Georgia

Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn, New York
Winter Gallery - Naples, Florida
Madison Noble Gallery - Sarasota, Florida

Richard T. Rice
Regional Retail Director
Hard Rock Cafe International

Steven R. Kanter
Senior Planner
Worldwide Licensing and Retail Operations
The Coca Cola Company

Gregory Hughes
Crawford Long Hospital

Mr. Louis Malaer
Burt Reynolds, Actor
Malcom Forbes, Financier
Elton John, Entertainer
Mr. And Mrs. Marvin Singer, Singer Sewing Machine Company
The Woodruff Family, Coca Cola Company
Mr. And Mrs. A. D. Frazier, COO Atlanta Olympic Games, CEO Invesco, Inc.
Mr. And Mrs. Leo Mullin, CEO Delta Airlines
Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia
Numerous commissioned pieces and individual collectors

Organizations supported through art donations:
Breast Cancer
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Childhood Diabetes
Aids Atlanta
Center One (various causes)
Mario Leumieux Foundation (Hodgkins Disease/Cancer,
Neonatal Research)
Sicle Cell Anemia

Barry Gross Artistic Statement

Who really is the Creator? In the Quest for who we are and why we're here, I have confronted myself and consequently retrained myself to be more positive, while experiencing the outer world of mankind, the self, and moving inward toward the spirit.

The imagery and intimacy I capture on canvas emanates from passions in dreams and visions. Sleep, meditation, and acknowledgment of the human condition permeates these acquisitions. I do not think that it all comes from the self. There is a higher power at work. Creating a powerful image, expressing inner and outer qualities in relationship with spirit, psyche, and myth lays the foundation of a strong representational piece of art.

The creation is also empowered with technique-the use of paint, the consistency of oils which seems to flow through the body to the brush, the powers of space, shape, form and color. The amazing conclusion is how the public interacts with the work through many emotions, whether spiritual inspiration, humor, drama, anger, or sensuality. It seems that the viewer becomes reflective and inherits a deeper access to the canvas, becoming more involved with its theme. Again, who really is the creator? The universe, the artist, people or the essence of all these energies intertwined? Imagination: The passage through the unknown.

Barry Gross' self portrait, oil on belgian linen


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